By integrating Wrike with Dropbox, you can seamlessly sync, collaborate, and share files of any size with your remote team members. Work from home projects require teams to be agile, focused on team building, and available for real-time collaboration. Chamber of Commerce points out, equipping your team with tech and productivity tools will go a long way towards improving communication.

Trello is a collaborative and visual tool that can help you organize your work with lists, Kanban boards, and cards. Add due dates, comments, and attachments to the cards to keep everyone on track. The tool is flexible enough to adjust to the working style of any team, anywhere.

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The current coronavirus pandemic has compelled more people to work from home than ever before. Until recently, working from home was considered a luxury sanctioned to selected employees under special circumstances only. If you need to manage your Asana projects in Instagantt, this is your product. When working remotely, one of the most crucial factors to success is keeping on track with the working progress, and using Trello is a handy way to do it. Remote collaboration takes place when a group of people works together from a distance to achieve a common goal.

What is remote work and virtual collaboration?

Remote collaboration is the process that can be used to address challenges of a workforce spread across different geographical locations and, crucially, developing team spirit amongst team members who work remotely.

Operational distance refers to that of communication between teams of various sizes, as well as the gap between the skill levels of different team members. Affinitive distance, on the other hand, involves the resultant gap in operational styles between team members, and it affects synergy, camaraderie, and management. There are a variety of reasons to connect teams remotely, including both distance and schedule. And while it may not be for everyone, connecting everyone via long-distance channels overcomes long-standing organizational problems in a number of ways. Read on below to learn more about remote collaboration or jump to our collaboration solutions page for more insights into effective corporate collaboration. With Google docs and sheets, teams can work securely and collaboratively on files at any time and place.

How an intranet improves the remote work experience

It offers a free forever plan for up to 30 users, so you can try it right away. This remote collaboration tool helps you recognize the human behind the work and create more inclusion by commemorating personal occasions to convey the message that your company values its employees as people. Slack is one of the most used tools for Remote Collaboration because it allows you to stay engaged and communicate with your team from anywhere. Tools are indispensable for Remote Collaboration and you can’t overlook them. Keep in mind that you need tools that allow your remote team to have chats, video conferences, real-time collaboration, task trackers, calendars.

GitHub is the largest cloud-based source code repository on the internet. It offers an excellent coding community with a suite of features to empower developers to work on collaborative tasks and edit text documents. Your team needs to know when they can—and when they can’t—get in touch with each other. It’s a good idea to set a clear window when remote team members are expected to be contactable. If an employee’s child is sick, that employee can still work from home without having to find a babysitter or take a personal day. Or if your employee simply feels more productive working from a cafe, they can do that without any interruption in productivity.

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Trying to pigeonhole physical modes of communication into remote work can actually have the opposite effect you’re trying to provide. Remote collaboration refers to the ability people have to keep in touch from anywhere in the world. For those that are already Pro Tools users, you can hook up to Avid’s collaborative tool that enables multiple artists to contribute to the same Pro Tools project remotely. Avid Cloud Collaboration is perfect for engineers who are locked out of their studio but need to work on a single project.

  • Effective collaboration in remote teams depends on making sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Luckily, with tools like Paperform, you can keep your team connected, productive, and running smoothly.
  • From hiring and HR to onboarding and tracking expenses, Paperform creations can help automate loads of everyday processes to keep your team organised and connected.

It also shows a lack of trust in the capabilities of your team to finish their work to spec and on time, which can be destructive to your remote collaboration environment. But, you have to put extra effort in when it comes to communicating and collaborating with your team. Luckily, with tools like Paperform, you can keep your team connected, productive, and running smoothly. You can try it yourself with a 14 day free trial, no CC required, and start bringing your coworkers together today. With that in mind, in this article we’ll run through some remote collaboration tips to help with the transition into the digital sphere, as well as outline key tools you can use to ramp up your team’s productivity.